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Energy Healing During my energy healing session, Karen helped me get in touch with stressors I was holding in. I hold my stress in my throat, stomach and shoulders. By the end of the session, I was completely - no exaggeration - completely relaxed. I also had gained clarity regarding some lifestyle changes I needed to make. The next day, my stomach and shoulders were sore, as if I'd done a workout which further confirmed for me that energy healing works! It is a very active healing process even if you aren't in the same physical location as Karen. As long as you engage in the process with an open mind and a willingness to introspect, you will find success.
Karen's herbs are magic! Thank you for your help! The herbs you gave me for my neck pain took away the tightness and pain I was having for 3 weeks. I am so grateful I can move without pain.
Harriett S
Great experience I visited Karen Calderon for knee pain, which has been ongoing for several years despite arthroscopic surgery twice on each knee, repeated knee injections and often ibuprofin. After the first visit I experienced an 85% reduction in knee pain after 3 days. After the 2nd visit, I experienced a total of 95% reduction. Amazing results! I have continued on a course of herbs and acupuncture for sleep problems. Karen's facility is a very nice suite. She is warm, kind and very professional. I can recommend her services unreservedly.
Mary Jo C
Awesome I have had numbness in my arms for awhile. In just a couple of treatments with Karen I have relief. It works!! And it is the most relaxing thing for me. I recommend Karen Calderón highly.
Chronic Migraines After dealing with stress, insomnia, and chronic migraines, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I'm so glad to have found Karen! She is genuine, extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She made me feel at ease through the entire process, asking lots of questions and explaining everything. I experienced a noticeable difference just after my first session. I'm looking forward to seeing progress in future visits, and I would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking acupuncture or alternative medicine!
Good news It is now two or three months past the treatment for my shoulder and my pain level is 1 or 2 instead of 7 or 8. Often, I forget I have a shoulder problem and I can even sleep on that side for short periods. Thank you for getting my shoulder to a place where it can heal itself. I'm sure the pain will be totally gone soon.
Anne C
Acupuncture sessions. I had pain in my left heel and the 2 sessions I had with Karen helped me so much. She is also so gentle, calm and reassuring!
Debbie D
pain free today Do to Karen's expertise. I am pain free today after weeks of pain.
10 10
Wendy Pocknall
Best decision I ever made I had been suffering with tight shoulders which gave me a lot of pain and no pain killers, massages, chiropractic therapy cured it. I have a chronic condition which does not help my pain. A friend recommended Karen and I thought well why not give acupuncture a try. She has done more for me in the last year that years of other treatment could never do. I'm pain free and now only go back once every 6 weeks for maintenance. I have no pain at all. Thank you Karen
Excellent I recommend Karen Calderon highly. She is well trained, thoughtful and kind. I think that you will find her helpful.
Gracias Karen Deseamos agradecerte por tu excelente tratamiento de la depresión e insomnio de mi madre. Gracias a ti, ella se ha sentido mas sosegada y calmada, y ha mantenido una rutina que ha envitado un ensimismamiento. Gracias
Shana T
Great Accupuncture I have had care provided by Karen Calderon for several years. She has such a tender way of treatment. Karen listens intently to my symptoms and responds with treatment that is in line with what my body needs. Her herbal recommendations have also provided great benefit. I take home the visualizations and meditations too that she suggests. You will benefit from her care! Make an appointment today.
Dace G
A nececissty for my professional well-being Perhaps acupuncture doesn't work for everyone, but it certainly works for me. As a professional musician, I often run into muscular problems that sometimes massage alone just can't handle--that's where Karen is invaluable. Without her expert work I wouldn't be working myself. With massage, Karen's work is part of a two-pronged approach that keeps me pain-free to do my playing.
Ronnie R.
Sore Neck I had a sore neck for 6 months before going to get acupuncture with Karen Calderon. It was affecting my concentration. I noticed improvements after one visit. Acupuncture worked! And I was not told to go home and take pills!
Anne T. T
Skillful, Caring, Professional Karen has treated me for several years and for a variety of health issues. She has eased anxiety with acupuncture; greatly reduced neck and back pain from an old injury with acupuncture, herbs, and cupping; and improved my digestion with food recommendations, herbs, and acupuncture. Karen communicates and listens well. Karen is a caring, professional, and skillful practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.
Jessica D
Exceptional I would definitely recommend Karen. She takes her time and listens to questions and concerns. She also explains what she is doing and why during each appointment. The clinic is clean and very relaxing.
Acupuncture works! Acupuncture has worked wonders for me. I have used it for pain, digestive issues, menstrual discomforts and wellbeing. I give 5 stars to all of these and highly recommend Karen as an acupuncturist!
Mary Jo C
Relaxation I have never felt so relaxed. It was my first time to have acupuncture. All I can say is WOW. Karen is very good and knowledgeable about her field. I recommend her highly.
Karen Calderon Accupuncture Referred TO Karen by a friend when I was facing surgery on my lower back and was on crutches when I saw Karen irstaxtables time. After 3 visits I had no pain and have thrown away the crutches. That's been about nine months. She is great and really glad I found her.
Sarita A
Amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect at first with treatments. Karen was so comforting, personable, and best of all provides treatment for the individual, nothing cookie cutter. She's wonderful and the treatments have helped me progress in so many ways. I highly recommend Karen and these amazing treatments.
Nancy B
Client Karen is a wealth of knowledge and truly amazing.
Initial Visit Review Very thorough and knowledgeable!
Karen is amazing! Karen is amazing! My aches and pains are minimized after a visit and my state of mind is treated as well. I highly recommend her practice.
Rob T
Knee Pain My locked right knee and sore left knee was restricting my tennis game and activities for 14 months before seeking care with Karen. I saw benefit after two visits. I am a big believer of acupuncture. It has not only really helped my knees, my sleep has also improved.
Professional, relaxing & healing I've had great acupuncture experiences with Karen. She is very professional and compassionate. The treatment room and office area is very clean and calming. I highly recommend this practice. Acupuncture has been relaxing and healing as I've gone through dealing with infertility.
Patrizia Emily M
Neck/Back Pain My neck/back were in pain and there was no massage to relieve it. I did one session of acupuncture and my pain is gone! I highly recommend the treatment as it truly works. Thank you Karen Calderon!!
Arthur R
Speedy Recovery As a marathon runner i get nagging injuries here and there. I'm recently recovering from a stress fracture in my left foot. Seeing Karen weekly, has helped speed up my healing process and allow me to return to running pain free. She is my secret weapon as I attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Thanks Karen
Highly Recommend Karen is courteous and professional. I feel realxed when I am in her care. I like her confidence and passion for what she does. I highly recommend her.